Volume Lash Extensions -Jordyn Woods Mav Lash Set +Tips!

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Volume Lash Extensions


Thinking about getting Volume Lash Extensions? Well, you are definitely in the right place hun! Today, we are taking a look at Jordyn Woods now viral lash extensions; PLUS we are filling in all the gaps about EVERYTHING you need to know about and before you take the plunge. School is in session!

First thing first, it’s the realest. Yes, eyelash extensions are great because it will save you time and instantly boost your beauty looks. Sometimes mascara can only take you so far. Extensions allow you to have the volume as well as length that even the best product formulas can not give you.

With that being said, there are some things you should know. Such as what is the difference between getting classic lashes or volume ones? Also, is it true that volume extensions can be damaging to your natural lashes? Let’s answer both of those.

Really, the difference in the two is the ending result as well as the type of individual lashes that are used. With classics, it is going to end up looking like you are wearing mascara; therefore, most would say it is a more classic look, because it looks natural.

When anyone looks at you they are just going to assume you’re just… well, blessed (LOL). Classic lashes look gorgeous and like they are really just yours. So if you are not about the dramatics then this type of eyelash extensions would suit you well.

However, if you are the queen of DRAMA… then honey… Volume is where it is at! The result with these are going to look fluffier and fuller. This is due to about 2 to even 8 super fine lash extensions being applied to a single natural lash. Whereas with classics only one lash is glued to one natural lash.

Volume Lash Extensions Info (Continued)

So then is volume more dangerous to your lashes? Honestly, we do not know where this myth started or came from. Nonetheless, all you need to know is that it is not true. After talking with several professionals as well as our own resident Beauty Editor, Alicia Suggs of The LA Glow; some feel it’s a belief that sprung up because of how the Volume Lash technique works.

You see, some may assume that because so many lash extensions are being added to one natural lash; the natural lash might buckle under the weight. Or the glue needed to hold the lash extensions in place could be damaging. Allow us to put your mind at ease.

Volume eyelash extensions are still very safe for natural lashes. Believe it or not, but Volume Lashes are actually lighter than classic ones. Additionally, a lot less glue is used with the Volume technique; which in turn means there won’t be as much weight on your eyes.

A WORD OF CAUTION: While Volume lashes are perfectly fine, we would not be doing our job if we did not warn you about what could leave your eyeballs bald. Watch out for Cluster Lashes. These should be avoided because they are really bad for your lashes and could cause permanent damage. But on these in a future post.

Volume Lash Extensions – Jordyn Woods Mav Lash Set 

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what Volume Lashes are all about; let’s get into the ones spotted on Jordyn Woods! Jordyn’s are a creation from Mav Lash; an lash extension studio in Los Angeles, California.

However, Jordyn is not the only fan of Mav Lash; several other celebrities and your faves frequent there to get their lash makeovers. We have rounded a few of them up below so that you can see their Mav Lash Volume Extensions!






Keri Hilson



Ming Lee Simmons



Eniko Hart



Jena Frumes (Hey loves Jena is the only beauty with a different set. She is wearing a mix set, but still a gorgeous finish!)

As you can see, Volume looks great on different eye shapes and make a big difference in your eyes appearance. It can be a little tough to notice when you just see completed looks. So then, below you will find a very helpful Mav Lash before and after. Enjoy!


Volume Lash Extensions


Before lash extension application


Volume Lash Extensions

After lash extensions application

Volume Lashes – Jordyn Woods Mav Lash Set (Continued)

Pretty amazing right? You’ll go from hi to HELLO in just one session which will last between 1 to 2 hours. How much will it cost? Well, everyone is different when it comes price. But be prepared to spend between $150-$200 (classic), $200-300 (volume) for a full set; and $50-$70 for refills and you should be just fine.

BUT… and there is a but lol. Some get really into materials. If that is not your bag then the prices above are what to keep in mind. Yet, if you are looking to get into materials like sable or mink; be prepared to drop more coins. To the tune of $200 or more depending on where you go.

Furthermore, speaking on where to go to get yours put in. You do not have to travel all the way out here to LA to go to Mav Lash to get your lashes done. Even though trust us, they are fabulous (LOL). There are plenty of volume lash artists popping all over that can help you achieve a gorgeous pair of lashes.

But be sure to do your research and check for reviews. Also, Instagram is a great place to check up on things because oftentimes lash extension professionals will post up their work. You’ll instantly be able to see several examples that will allow you to see what you can expect from them. Happy hunting and we hope you enjoy your volume lash extensions!

Volume Lash Extensions

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