Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 - Girls Take Paris!

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016

We couldn’t be anymore jealous! Right now the streets of beautiful Paris are full of equally gorgeous supermodels. This morning all of  the VS starlets arrived in France to prepare for one of the sexiest nights of television, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 – Girls Take Paris!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016-2

If you have been keeping up with Vickie’s Secret on social it then you are aware that it has been a whirlwind developing the show. Busy castings, eliminations, lingerie designing, fittings, stage construction and the list goes on. However, with all that hard work at the forefront there is still more work behind the scenes.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016-3

For instance, the models themselves have to be in top notch shape to wear itsy-bitsy couture pieces. How hard did these ladies train for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016? Many began working out to whittle down and tone up over a month ago. Here are a few examples of their workouts:

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016-4

Intense right? So then, its safe to say all of these fab models have definitely earned and deserve this trip to Paris, France. The girls enjoyed fun and relaxation on the plane ride over. some even snapping Polaroid photos with a super cute pink camera. Moreover, there arrival pics looked like the sorority every girl would love to join.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016-5

Maria Borges and Fellow VS Models Headed to Rehearsal

Some quick fun facts is that Maria Borges, Lais Ribiero, Joan Smalls and Jasmine Tookes will be walking the runway tomorrow night as the show is recorded. Tookes has been given the honor of wearing the coveted Fantasy Bra this year. Since 1996 one model has been chosen each year to wear the luxurious bra. Jasmine is the second black model to receive the honor. Catch the full show when it airs December 5th.

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