Travel Monday: Help! I'm Wrinkled and I need a Iron!

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travel monday help im wrinkled and need an iron

Traveling the world and seeing the sights can be fun beyond words, especially if you remembered to pack everything that you needed to make the trip more enjoyable. Vacation or not most of us want to look our best, who knows we might just get our groove back right? Therefore, what can be done if you’re in a pinch when it comes to walking the streets of your destination location wrinkle-free?

A good alternative to a regular iron is using a flat iron on low heat to iron your fashions. Always start at a lower heat and gradually adjust the heat up for really unruly wrinkles. Make sure the flat iron is clean and free of any oils (because let’s face it we use it for our hair LOL) before beginning.

travel monday help im wrinkled and need an iron2