The Snail Facial

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The Snail Facial

Not going to lie this one kind of gives us the creeps, but many experts in the beauty industry are swearing by it. In a world where the fountain of youth seems to be elusive men and women are willing to try some pretty interesting tactics in order to remain looking young and fresh. Therefore, what is one of the newest natural remedies to hit the scene?

In the far east, snail facials are quickly becoming the hot treatment to book at a spa ASAP. In theory such a facial can do wonders for scars, burns, acne, stretch marks and gasp… aging! Some have even reported softer as well as firmer skin as a result of repeated visits.

If you are looking for a quick fix then this may not be the procedure for you because those who have enjoyed a snail facial report that results were seen gradually. So then, even though the benefits are not immediate if you are a patient sleeping beauty then you may just be awakened to gorgeous skin before you know it. However, how exactly can these snails produce so many benefits?

The Snail Facial2

According to dermatologists when under stress snails exude a fluid that can plump, repair and rejuvenate skin. The slime produced by snails contains beneficial antioxidants and nutrients that get to work when applied to the skin. So if you are brave enough to let this tiny creatures slither across your face the benefits will all be yours.

What will it be like to sit through a snail facial? Of course, you will still get to enjoy being pampered with rubs and creams the snails will then be applied to have their way with your face. You will feel them tickle your lips, slither over your eyebrows and take a stroll over your cheeks. Also, let us not forget their thousands of teeth that may feel like slight scratching, we are guessing exfoliation maybe? Nevertheless, if you open up your eyes you will even be treated to a view of said snails with their waving attennae eyes.

If you want a real insider view of the facial check out the following video: