The 5 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2015

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The 5 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2015
Choosing a holiday destination can be a difficult task since there are so many exciting options. Here, you will find the top five travel destinations to help you narrow your long vacation destination list.
The Beautiful Florianopolis, Brazil
Florianopolis is one of the best places you can go to in South America. Florianopolis, which is Santa Catarina’s capital, is situated on the The 5 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2015-4coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. This city is known for its white sand beaches and wild landscapes.
Number 2: Machu Picchu, Peru
Within the boundaries of this city, lives historical legends. At one time or another, it was inhabited by Spanish colonists, explorers, tribes, and Indians. The hidden temples of Machu Picchu City are the main touristic attraction of the area. The greatest of all monuments to this area is Machu Picchu. Americans became aware of its existence in 1911, when Hiram Bingham stumbled across the city.
Travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio is considered by many to be the most vibrant city in the world. The local culture has many sites, sounds, smells and flavors that thousands of tourists experience every year. Of course the main attractions in Rio are its beautiful beaches, world famous festivals and its exciting nightlife. You can visit beautiful historic sites, stroll on the world-famous Copacabana beach, and hike up Corcovado to visit the giant statue Cristo Redentor, the city’s most recognizable landmark.
Three quarter view of a black woman on the beachArgentina, Brazil, Paraguay: Iguazu Falls
Situated on the borders between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, the Iguazu Falls are referred to as one of the world’s natural wonders. With a breadth nearing three kilometers, the falls are truly epic in scale. About 80% of the falls are located on the Argentinian side of the border and most of the remaining 20% are in Brazil. After Niagra Falls, the Iguazu Falls are counted as the second biggest waterfall worldwide. All three countries claim a piece of the Iguazu Falls, and by boat you can visit all three while admiring the falls.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
For an experience of mixed cultures, a visit to Buenos Aires is a requirement. When you visit, the city itself is located on the south shore of La Plata River, a location known for its bustling nightlife. Visitors to the city will be enthralled by a visit to the local city cafes and a sighting of the city’s first government building. The President of the Republic lives in a pink house, a recommended stop to all tourists that come to this city. Florida Street, the city’s primary thoroughfare, is a world-class center of commerce and culture. Cafes, restaurants, clubs, and shops are all available to tempt you with unique delights. Visitors should also make time to see the Cathedral of Mitropolten, the cemetery where Jose de San Martin, the famous Argentinian fighter, is buried.
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