Tech News: Apple to Release Electric Cars

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Tech News Apple to Release Electric Cars

Thanks to the invention of iPods Apple already owns our ears and now they want to own the road too. Apple is in the midst of developing electric cars which will not only make the environment better but will most likely cost a pretty penny. Let’s face it, it’s not like iPhones are exactly cheap.

Therefore, are Apple’s upcoming vehicles the new 007 super car? By the look of early photos it may not disappear like the Vanquish but we did notice some pretty cool features. A charging dock which is perfect for the 15 million Apple devices we already own as well as a middle console that has an interface similar to ones we have already become accustomed to in recent years.

Being able to have the same capabilities of a smart phone while driving seems cool, but we’re hoping for something awesome like in car cameras  for driving selfies with friends, family or solo because we all have a supermodel hidden somewhere in us. We can dream all we want but we will have to wait till 2018 when the first Apple cars hit the market to see this techie feat. Nevertheless, if they’re hit get ready for “upgraded” versions every 6 months (a joke, hopefully…).

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Tech News Apple to Release Electric Cars2

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