Scam on Instagram: Wig Scammers, Fake Ads and Fake Hair Accounts

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Scam on Instagram

There is a huge scam on Instagram right now and it involves wigs, fake ads; and fake hair accounts. Have you seen them? Most likely, you have.

These awful folks have been following and spreading their harmful lies for the last few months. Worst part, is that Instagram has done absolutely nothing about it. These scammers are still roaming free looking for their next victim.

However, YOU do not have to be a casualty and get conned out of your coins. All you have to do is be aware of what’s going on; and be sure not to get involved with such people, ads or accounts. What signs should you look for?

Scam on Instagram: Wig Scammers, Fake Ads and Fake Hair Accounts

Scam on Instagram

Influencer Brittanie Evans laid it all out on the table in order to protect her fans as well as other hair enthusiasts. She says,

“Seriously, Instagram! I see so many hair stylist, wig makers; and wig review videos STOLEN and used to scam people out of their money — on Instagram! Every day, I am followed by dozens and dozens of fake hair pages. All with the same photos and stolen pictures.

I have seen ads where they will crop the video and put their fake business name or steal a review video; and say the hair is theirs. I mean, sometimes they don’t even care if the video has another business name on it. They will steal it and advertise its their wig for $20. Then you read the comments and all the women are complaining that they ordered and they received a fake shiny Party City wig.

Scam on Instagram

It’s beyond ridiculous. I report every fake ad and page that I see but there are so many and more with every scroll. These fake pages have even purchased comments and likes to further scam you into thinking they are real. AND if that doesn’t work, they have gone so far to create an account to advertise another “fake” account in the stolen ad video comments. IT”S CRAZY! I am so sick of this. Do something about it, Instagram!”

Scam on Instagram: Wig Scammers, Fake Ads and Fake Hair Accounts (Continued)

As one can see, there is some major foul play going on the Gram. Plus, with lace front wigs and extensions being so trendy, that leaves a lot of women vulnerable to being taken advantage of and suffering a hair “L.”

Nevertheless, as Brittanie stated, while online you have to be very mindful of stolen images, fake users and fake comments. So far these scams are still very prevalent on Instagram so BEWARE. Watch out for yourself and your fellow girlfriend; so that you can keep your cash instead of getting sent some fake trash.

Scam on Instagram

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