Runway Hair: DKNY Spring 2014 Smooth Ponytail

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DKNY 2014 Chanel Iman Side Ponytail

2014 is ushering in gorgeous hair trends straight from the runway. The side ponytail has made its triumphant return and is set to make every woman look supermodel ready. During the DKNY Spring 2014 runway show models, the beautiful Chanel Iman walked the catwalk with smoothed down sleek ponytails that were parted to the side. Getting your tresses to look just as chic and elegant can be achieved in a few simple steps.

Get the Sleek and Smooth DKNY Ponytail Look:

1. Smooth tresses with a flat iron.

2. Using a comb, create a deep side part.

3. Apply a light oil to your hair then brush strands to the side and secure hair with a hair-tie.

Extra Tips:

1. Need a little help with edge control? Those unruly little hairs lining and framing your face can be a little difficult at times to tame. Remember this look is all about being smooth and sleek; therefore, use a edge control product to help ensure tresses remain in place as well as lie flat. One excellent product to try is The Roots Naturelle Virgin Lacquer Edge Control. This product will not only give you the edge control you desire, but will also moisture and nourish your locks. To use: Apply a little of the product to your hairline and smooth tresses with a brush.

2. Want to hide your hair-tie? Simply take a few strands of your ponytail and wrap them around your hair tie, securing with a bobby pin.

the roots naturelle virgin lacquer edge control