Pilates, It's No Joke!

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This article has the inside scoop on what Pilates is all about and how it tightens your physique. If you want to get a strong core and challenge yourself with some intense Pilates workouts, then you’ll want to tap into these exact secrets.

People have tried boring workouts and followed the herd to the gym, and ended up disappointed and frustrated, year after year. Looking the same as they did the year before. But some have luckily jumped into Pilates as rehab for a knee or slipped disc in the lower back, and have transformed their bodies.

Pilates seems commonly practiced by ladies mostly, simple “Core Lifts” planks and stressing the body in a positive way really can strengthen your internal muscles.

Pilates is the hidden secret to developing a strong core, and I don’t mean lay down on the floor and start in on hundreds and hundreds of crunches. You won’t even tap the surface of hitting the deep transverse abdominals (the deepest layer of the core) by doing this.

core lifts

You’ll end up with a tight low back and super tight hip flexors, it’s all relative and the body works as one unit so paying careful attention to what you are doing to strengthen the core will affect the rest of your body.

A Pilates workout targets the intricate muscles that supports and protects the low back, spine, pelvis and hips. Giving the body a firm, toned and strong look and feel.

Not to mention it shaves off years of your age!

Unfortunately, far too many people are yanking on the back of their neck and thrusting their hips forward trying to get a deep crunch, it makes me cringe. They will undoubtedly wake up the next day with a stiff neck, an extremely tight low back and hip flexors. Over time this can develop into constant injuries and limited mobility.

Pilates will help avoid a weak core, which could bring on a sore lower back, tight flexors and poor flexibility in the hips.

Your core is the foundation and when the foundation is lacking in strength and stability everything around it will crumble. Pro Baseball athletes and Cross Fit coaches, MMA fighters and hundreds of men and women over the years have implemented Pilates to give them the edge!

Pilates uses the bodies’ own gravity as resistance to strengthen and tone without putting unnecessary strain on the joints. It’s a challenging and intense style of workout and the missing link to really getting a deep core workout.


And this is what Pilates won’t do… it won’t pack on muscle mass, it won’t put unnecessary strain on the joints, it won’t reduce your range of motion by limiting your movements and it won’t make your body stiff and immobile. But Pilates will help the body avoid injuries and balance the body in a very positive way.

Pilates works the entire body in such a way, that it will bring to the surface any weakness. If you are in Toronto and want to change and sculpt your physique, visit here.

Arianne Suggs is the founder of 1966 Magazine. I love to write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and travel. Join me on my journey.