Orange Hair Color: Alicia Key's Multi-Colored Orange, Yellow and Pink Braids

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Orange Hair Color

We have seen the entertainment, beauty as well as fashion worlds make a trend out of various orange hues. However, orange hair color looks at times can be as rare as a Lock Ness sighting. However, singer Alicia Keys is flexing her edgy, risk-taker style muscle and flashing the world with a bold, brand new multi-colored braided hairstyle.

Orange Hair Color: Alicia Key’s Multi-Colored Orange and Pink Braids

Is that really you Mrs. Keys? Today, Alicia took social media by storm by posting three photos showcasing braids with not only just orange hair color, but hot pink highlights with yellow tips! The style is garnering tons of attention and seems to be receiving a mixed, but fairly positive reaction. Here is some of what people are currently saying.

“Love it! Doing it for the culture!”

“She looks good to me.”

“Issa no from me dawg.”

“She’s so beautiful but I’m not feeling this look.”


“She can get away with anything love her.”

“It’s fun for a little while, not like she has a conventional job to go to. Have fun.”

“What in the government housing complex is going on here.”

Orange Hair Color

“Not my style but they’re cute on her.”

“Love it.”

“I mean… it’s unique, I’m hoping there is some significance to this; if there isn’t I’m just kinda like to each his own you know.”

“I think she’s one of the very few that can pull it off and make it look good.”

“She could wear a mop and still be gorgeous. Her and Rihanna have that look.”

Okay now it’s your turn! What do you think of this vibrant hairstyle? Would you ever wear it?

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Orange Hair Color