Nude Lips For Dark Skin Women

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Nude Lips For Dark Skin Women

For years women with darker skin tones were fed the beauty myth that they could not wear a nude lip. Why had this been the case? A number of reasons came into play a couple being there wasn’t much on the market in terms of tints that would make for a great nude lip look and also some felt that a lipstick wouldn’t cover a two-toned pucker.

Many women who are considered dark skin possess lips that have two different tones. Usually the upper lip is darker than the bottom lip. However, is this a valid reason to give up the nude lip look or a cop out?

We have said once and we will say it again, dark skin women CAN wear nude lips. When picking the perfect shade there are now plenty of options available to create a fabulous beauty look. Moreover, do not worry yourself with finding a shade that matches your skin perfectly, that is not necessary. Nevertheless, do you really want your lips to seem like they disappeared completely off your face?

Nude Lips For Dark Skin Women2

Bobbi Brown, MAC and Revlon all have stunning brown shades that make nude lips a cinch. Remember though when it comes to applying nude lipstick your lips need to be pristine. No flakes or dead skin because it WILL show and your lips will have a very bumpy appearance. Always exfoliate your lips, buffing them gently with a toothbrush then apply a lip balm. Your lip shade will go on smoothly making your nude lips that much more alluring!

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