Noma A Stylized Farm-House Restaurant

Noma A Stylized Farm-House Restaurant
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René Redzepi is out to define New Nordic cuisine at Copenhagen’s Noma. His inspired, personalized vision is fiercely regional: He cooks with North Atlantic seafood and game, like deep-sea crabs from the Faeroe Islands and musk ox from Greenland.

Yet, he isn’t afraid to turn traditional cooking methods on their head. One of his more sensational dishes involves edible “soil” made from malted grains.

edible soil made from malted grains

With a résumé that includes training at El Bulli and French Laundry, chef-owner Redzepi has the pedigree of a culinary provocateur—and he lives up to it. In the open kitchen of his stylized farm-house restaurant, he turns out inventive king crab rolled in hay ashes, and a show-stopping wild lamb—served with a leather-sheathed knife handmade in Lapland.

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93 Strandgade , The N. Atlantic Wharf Bldg
Copenhagen, Denmark