Morphe Fluidity Foundations -60 Shades of Foundation!

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Morphe Fluidity

Rihanna… girl,  look what you have started! Since the genesis of Fenty Beauty, several cosmetics companies have been hard at work in the lab developing foundations that more suitably match their consumer base. The first exciting foundation release of 2019; hands down is the Morphe Fluidity Foundation. A beauty product that boasts a jaw-dropping 60 different shades!

Morphe Fluidity Foundations -60 Shades of Foundation

Morphe Fluidity

No that is no typo. 60. 60 shades of foundation is on the table for us over at Morphe. The brand has been a tad bit cryptic, not really giving much away about all of this. Regarding their upcoming release Morphe simply reveals,

“Leave no tone unturned. Introducing Fluidity. 60 tone-empowering shades, for every babe. Launching 1.17.19.”

Morphe Fluidity

As one can see, Morphe isn’t trying to say much at all yet. Maybe they don’t want to oversell it; because of the wild success Fenty Beauty is still having. However, this foundation release is nothing to just brush off.

It is still another drop in the bucket that helps to improve the state of the beauty industry. For years, many skin tones have been ignored and now brands are finally waking up to the fact that light, medium and dark just won’t cut it.

Morphe Fluidity

One thing that we love so far about this product is that… well, actually there’s quite a bit to love. Besides the awesome range in colors, Fluidity is also:

  • Transfer Resistant
  • Longwear
  • Parabens Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Oil Free
  • Sweat Proof
  • Fragrance Free

Morphe Fluidity

Ugh… we stan Morphe, take our money already! Therefore, how much will Fluidity cost you? Get this… it’s UNDER $20! Yes,  Morphe Fluidity Foundation will retail for just $18. 2019 is looking real real good!

Want a preview of the Fluidity’s tones? Watch the video below:

PSSST… there’s more… Morphe is also releasing concealer and powder shades! More on that later today so check back!

Morphe Fluidity

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Morphe Fluidity

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