Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid - Get Yo Glow ON!

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Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid - Get Yo Glow ON!

Slay our life Maybelline! We are fanatics for anything metallic, glittery or just glows period. Maybelline recently announced a new exciting product that they have coming down the beauty assembly line. Hang on to your makeup brushes dolls because Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid is coming!

Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid – Get Yo Glow ON

The glow up for 2017 just got even easier. Maybelline developed a liquid product that is packed with more strobe than a disco. How can and should this product be utilized? Maybelline explained,

“Introducing one of our most anticipated products of 2017… Master Strobe liquid! This strobing liquid comes in three shades of glow. Mix it with your foundation or moisturizer for a luminous look or apply it on top as a stand alone blinding highlighter. In stores in the U.S. and Canada at the end of this month!”

Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid

So recap… this is one product that can give you luminous skin or act like the best highlighter in your beauty bag. Yippie! Furthermore, apparently we were not the only souls absolutely dying after this announcement. Many heard Maybelline’s call to beauty action and took to SM to share their two cents on the 2017 product. Here are a few of the NUMEROUS reactions:

“We need this.”

“Can’t wait to grab one of these… wow.”

“Yes yes yes yes yes!”

“It says they come out towards the end of the month so we [definitely] need to keep our eyes out the next couple of weeks.”

“Heavenly shades… mesmerizing it is!!”

“Bro, this looks legit!”

“Can’t wait for this!”

“These look so stunning!”

“I was right haha it hasn’t come out yet lol! Love the middle one.”

“Going to get them on my next Target or Ulta trip!!!”

Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid - Get Yo Glow ON!2

Master Strobe was used on Supermodel Jourdan Dunn to create natural bare face look

Going to pick up the Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid? Keep in mind that these babies will hit the market toward the end of this month (December 2016). Also note that there is a LOT of interest surrounding this product due to the pigmentation and also because testers have said it does not budge! Makeup that looks great and stays in place definitely can have us making it rain in Ulta. So then, stay on it and get it before it sales out.

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