Mascara 101: Mastering Layering

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Besides an eyelash curler you will need mascara in order to make your eyes really pop. The goal is to layer mascara coat by coat which in turn will make your lashes look full and luscious. However, if applied wrong you may notice more clumping than a beautiful pair of voluminous lashes.

Ciara Eye MakeupWelcome to Mascara class 101, where the most important thing to remember is that a little patience will go a long way. How so? Think about this: If you were constructing a home and were laying down a cement foundation, would you allow the cement to dry first before building upon it? Of course you would, for if the cement was still wet the foundation could become uneven or clumpy if worked on before it was completely dry. This same principle applies when it comes to layering mascara.

It is best to allow enough time to pass between each coat or layer of mascara so that the formula can be set. From there you can build upon each layer until you achieve the desired look or effect and avoid any clumps. Alright, you got it ladies, class is dismissed.