Kat Rudu Beauty- A Natural Aloe-Based Skin Care Line!

Kat Rudu
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Kat Rudu


One of our close girlfriends put us onto Kat Rudu Beauty and now we are OBSESSED! This is a skincare line that truly focuses on improving skin and achieving proper maintenance all in a safe, natural way.


Kat Rudu


Los Angeles based skincare brand, Kat Rudu Beauty, is a natural, botanical aloe-based skin care line that stands for empowerment, beauty, and endless possibilities. A pure biotic skincare collection designed to nourish skin at the cellular level.


Kat Rudu


Furthermore, Kat’s brand is so effective because she is a true Boss Babe behind the scenes. Rudu is a celebrity esthetician to stars such as, Kate Becksinale, Jenna Dewan, and  Eva Mendes! All beauties that are known for their  timeless beauty as well as their gorgeous skin! Regarding her skincare line Kat reveals,

“When I had a dream for my Kat Rudu Skincare collection, it came from wanting to create something and to be a boss. That has always been sexy to me, and it’s exactly what I became.”



Kat Rudu Beauty- A Natural Aloe-Based Skin Care Line



Like we said, total Boss. Like Kat’s work ethic, her skincare products work just as hard for your skin! One of the most wanted products in the whole KR lineup is the brand’s Jet Secret Cream ($78). This beauty item is basically rejuvenation in cream form; and will be a serious staple in your skincare routine.

Jet Secret Cream is packed with the most medically advanced, active organic ingredients. Contains cucumber, Provitamin B5, Macadamia Nut Oil and Vegan Hyaluronic Acid; to name a few things. These ingredients can help to plump, hydrate, heal, protect, soothe, lock in moisture; regenerate collagen and even skin tone.



Therefore, this renovating plumbing Cream is a miracle for thirsty, inflamed, tired skin. It can be used all over (Yass honey!); making it the perfect all over ageless cream for the face, eyes, lips, neck and also décolleté.

And this is just ONE of the amazing products you will find in Kat Rudu’s fabulous skincare collection! Discover the complete collection at www.katrudu.com you will not be disappointed!



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