Jessica White Cosmetics - Forget Lipkits Its a Supermodel Takeover!

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Jessica White Cosmetics

Can we please get a round of applause for black business? Supermodel Jessica White is adding her name to the ever growing list of WOC entrepreneurs. The talented beauty is going back “to her roots” with her very own makeup line, Jessica White Cosmetics.

Jessica White Cosmetics – Forget Lipkits Its a Supermodel Takeover!

White is no stranger to the beauty industry. Jessica made history early in her glamorous career by scoring contracts with two huge cosmetics brands. The first black woman in America to do it, thus paving the way for other black girls to have the same opportunities.

Jessica White Cosmetics

Now she is tackling a whole new part of the arena. She is going from marketing another brand’s awesome products to showcasing her very own. Jessica admits that this something she has always wanted to do. She reveals,

“This is my dream come true! After being the first African-American to have two beauty contracts with Maybelline and Covergirl. I’m so happy to now have my own cruelty-free cosmetic line.

All I ever want to do is show women how beautiful they are. A cosmetics line complete with every shade of magic, because you’re magical. Jessica White Cosmetics pre-sale starting now. Check out the website for all your magical shades made with love!

Jessica White Cosmetics

Don’t her lip shade colors look divine? If you want to get your hands on some product now you can order them for $16 each, which is the pre-sale price. After pre-sale ends next month all products will sale for their respective prices. Check things out not by going here.

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Jessica White Cosmetics

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