How Much Should You Tip Your Hairstylist?

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In an informal poll, the lowest tip was 10 percent and the highest was 25 percent, but most women said they stick to 20. In and around big cities, the percentage was more generous, even though the services cost more.

Women with short hair, which they get cut and colored every four to six weeks, don’t always give a huge tip because their annual beauty bill is so high to begin with.

Stylists in some small-town beauty shops, however, report 15 percent as the norm. Those who work in mall or drop-in hair salons, and are less likely to have a loyal clientele, sometimes get tips of even less.

The bottom line: If you like your hair stylist, tip at least 20 percent.

What about gift giving? When they’re attached to a stylist, customers give both money and gifts at the holidays. Presents can be handmade items, like a craft or cookies. Store-bought items are acceptable too.

If you get the service, please tip your stylist, colorist and shampoo girl. It is the right thing to do! If you have a hard time doing the math, I am sure there is a “tip calculator” app that can help you out.