Get A Bike That Looks As Good As It Rides

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The world’s most show-stopping bicycles have vintage styling, built-in baskets, killer paint jobs, a chic red chain, and a new home in Miami Beach.

Martone Cycling Company is a fashion- and design-driven bike company. Their bikes are a bold statement of personal style: city bikes, created with passion—with a red chain on every bike they make. These days everyone is always carrying something: a tote, a gym bag, groceries, a dog…who knows? That’s why all of their bikes have a basket built into the handlebars, to make your life easier, in style.

Coolest Bicycles Ever

A bike that looks as good as it rides? There’s more then meets the eye, here: each MCC bike is powered by SRAM’s innovative duomatic gear system, which automatically adjusts and changes gears based on the speed you’re riding. Its an entirely unique riding experience.

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