Face My Makeup App-Connecting Consumers with Favorite Makeup Products!

Face My Makeup
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FINALLY IT IS HERE!! Face My Makeup is a new mobile app designed to connect beauty consumers with their favorite makeup must-have products! Furthermore, with e-tailing taking a big chunk out of retail revenues. Smart marketers are developing innovative ways to keep their customers engaged.

Therefore, this new app is the answer to the retailers’ biggest challenge of staying in touch with their customers. Additionally, it will also prevent today’s tech-savvy consumer from brand hopping; with online and real-time competition.

Face My Makeup App-Connecting Consumers with Favorite Makeup Products

The app is designed by global artist and company Founder, Scotty Ferrell. It is being  promoted and shared regionally. Also, it is experiencing gains in users through the website www.FaceMyMakeup.com. The app’s unique features have already attracted the attention of beauty influencers across the country.

Face My Makeup

“Purchasing makeup is unlike any other retail experience. It is the art of creating a personal look that makes someone feel good about how they look. The app provides that highly personal touchpoint consumers crave. To recreate a look that is uniquely their own,” said Scotty Ferrell, Founder and global beauty expert.

“My Makeup app is the connector between the user and their in-store beauty experience. As a result, this app makes it easy for customers to stay connected. And to remember their products. Servicing this need will help provide the consumers what they want,” says Scotty Ferrell.

“The U.S. cosmetic industry is $62 billion plus industry; in a marketplace that offers increasing entry points where retailers gain or lose customers.” Vice president of digital innovation for Coty stated, “I believe Service is the new product in this industry.”

New Makeup App-Connecting Consumers with Favorite Makeup Products

Scotty Ferrell’s app solves the concern of losing customers head-on. It does this by providing ongoing interaction and personalization.

Furthermore, the app is designed to achieve three basic tasks for consumers. First, is to keep track of product information to simplify repurchasing. Secondly, the user can actually interact and draw a color face-chart of product application.

Also, the user can record a video for the tips & tricks to replicate the look on their own. For these reasons, this beauty app is fast becoming a favorite of beauty bloggers and influencers. Movers and shakers who can share live selfies alongside exciting new products on the spot.

Face My Makeup

For retailers, this app offers an opportunity to implement Smart-Retail. Such as displays that interact with their customer’s downloaded app. Moreover, it also affords them the ability to fulfill pick-up orders. So that customers can happily receive their items right then and there. Also, retailers can help tailor an app user’s experience. They can achieve this by creating special offers based on customer’s app profiles.

Want to give this cool app a try? Get it now! This app is available for download in the Apple App Store for iOS phones and tablets. Also get it in the Google Play store for Android devices. For more information about this app; advertising or partnership opportunities; e-mail beautyhero@live.com. Provisional Patent confirmed.