Dom Streater Puts the "Queen" in Fashion Week

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Dom Streater Puts the Queen in Fashion Week3

Now here is a show that we can really sink our trendy teeth into with gusto! Dom Streater’s designs were inspired by three powerful queens that changed the face of the kingdoms they ruled over and now Dom’s creations will forever change the face of fashion. We immediately noticed the Victorian collars and graphic logos on various tops proclaiming fabulous Queen-dom (no pun intended we swear, for those who noticed what we did there).

Moreover, the prints held our attention without becoming a repetitive bore, each piece was unique and well executed. Nevertheless, our campaign and quest in regards to comfortable fashions for women was put at ease when we noticed a printed dress with pockets. We women haul all sorts of necessities on a daily basis, it is always refreshing to purchase clothing that we can simply slip our car keys or Iphone into for easy access. It is clear that Dom understands the female physique as well as our needs and makes beautiful garments in the process.

Dom Streater Puts the Queen in Fashion Week2

Want to know what Dom has been up to since her big Project Runway win? Be sure to catch our full interview with Dom on our Youtube coming soon!

Dom Streater Puts the Queen in Fashion Week