Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show - "Dior Sauvage"- The Wild Wild West

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Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show

Maria Grazia Chiuri came out guns blazing! For quite a time anticipation has been brewing over Maria’s big Dior Cruise debut. With all eyes from the industry on her and her stunning collection Chiuri opened fire with a sizzling lineup as iconic as the Wild West itself! Tip those hats dolls we are riding off into the sunset with a quick recap of the Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show.

Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show – “Dior Sauvage”- The Wild Wild West

Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show

Set against the backdrop of the wide open plains of California, the Dior Cruise 2018 runway show was magically ethereal. Cascading tents, hot air balloons, fire pits and delicate dim lighting of lanterns danced across the catwalk into the dusk sky. Dior effortless captured the aura of the old west while infusing their runway and high-end designs with the classic modern Dior flair.

Dior Cruise 2018 Runway ShowDior Cruise 2018 Runway Show

Nevertheless, forget needing to be saved by some lasso throwing cowboy. The Dior Sauvage couture came off strong, bold, rustic without sacrificing even a hint femininity. The woman who adorns herself in this collection can hold a torch on her own but can still revel and bask in her womanly allure.

Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show

Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show

The Dior fashion house gave an earful of what served as the inspiration behind the 2018 cruise collection. Furthermore, even though the garments certainly spoke for themselves, we absolutely loved every word they said! Dior mentions,

“For her first cruise collection for the House, Maria Grazia Chiuri has employed the Dior Savoir Faire. Reinventing it to tell her story in idealized forms. A story that alters proportions and lengths to correspond to the contemporary landscape, in which sport mixes with haute couture. Where tradition transforms into ornamental abstraction and materials see their status changed.

Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show

A collection informed by a wild and ancient femininity bound to the magic of the earth! Maria Grazia Chiuri continues to remain loyal to her feminist vision. Design by a woman for a woman.

From the prehistoric wolves emerging from the Lascaux cave on the striking silk jacquards. To the reinterpreted female handprints becoming magnificent sequined embroideries in earthy shades. Maria sought to embrace and explore the Dior heritage for her Dior Cruise 2018 collection!

Dior Cruise 2018 Runway Show

We have to say that Chiuri accomplished that and then some. However, now it is time for you to experience it yourself. Scroll through this feature to review a few of our favorite looks.

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Dior Cruise 2018 Runway ShowDior Cruise 2018 Runway Show Dior Cruise 2018 Runway ShowDior Cruise 2018 Runway Show

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