DedCool -Non-Toxic Los Angeles-Based Fragrance Brand, FINALLY!

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I am a fragrance whore (sorry mom lol). I guess a better way to put it is that I’m a recovering scent fanatic. And actually my mom is partially to blame (again mother I apologize, I love you HaHa). Which is why I am loving DedCool!

You see my wonderful people reading this; since the days of my early youth (think a 4 year-old constantly getting busted playing in my mom’s stuff); fragrance was always such an allure. It was the feel. The tantalizing aroma. The undeniable captivating grip of a note that could powerfully send you to a higher place you didn’t even know your mind could reach to.

Fragrance was life to me and in many ways it still is. However, life has a funny way of moving you in another direction. I unfortunately stopped wearing fragrance because of finding out about a lot of the harmful things that were being put into scents.

In my opinion health is wealth; so we must always protect ourselves at all cost. Fortunately, an amazing woman in LA (hey, Kerry I see you girl!); teased me with a fragrance company that was developed by a kick butt superwoman right in Los Angeles.

Best part? The products are non-toxic! Winning!

DedCool -Non-Toxic Los Angeles-Based Fragrance Brand, FINALLY!

So of course, I decided to look into this awesome venture and I WAS NOT disappointed! Here’s some great intel I have picked up along the way in regards to DedCool:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, 24-yr-old founder Carina Chaz developed DedCool in effort to change the way we view and shop for fragrance by disrupting mainstream ideals and creating unique scents and an interactive sex-positive wellness candle. DedCool is made without parabens, carcinogens, paraffins, animal byproducts, harmful preservatives or fillers.

Basically, nothing harmful is found in any of her stuff. Therefore, if you are a lover of scent and a lover of not being poisoned (LOL); then my friends you are going to LOVE this brand! Be sure to give DedCool a follow on Instagram. The brand’s page is just as cool and trendy as the philosophy behind it.

Plus, it’s IG page will introduce to the brand’s complete lineup of goodies. A few you might like to give a world are the:

  • Chazstick -A kickbutt lip balm to heal those chapped lips. They come in a few different formulas/ versions so be sure to look up one and all.
  •  Massage Candle -Baby it’s been a long day so we know those muscles ache. Have a special someone or heck do it your darn self and massage away those pains and worries.


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