Coloured Raine Flawless Perfecting Sponge -Affordable AND Effective!

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Coloured Raine Flawless Perfecting Sponge

Sorry y’all but twenty dollar makeup sponges have left that chat! Spending more than ten bucks on a beauty sponge is so last year. So then, what’s the new wave? Investing in sponges that give you the same flawless makeup application WITHOUT the cost. One option you need to try ASAP is the Coloured Raine Flawless Perfecting Sponge!

Coloured Raine Flawless Perfecting Sponge -Affordable AND Effective

To brush or to sponge, that is the real question. When it comes to applying a foundation or other products many choose to utilize one of two beauty tools in order to achieve a pro level finish. A brush or a sponge.

Sponges for awhile have been reigning supreme because of their abilities to conform well to the face. Many sponge designs are now being shaped to effortlessly move makeup into hard to manuveur areas such as the corner of eyes, undereye area and sides of the nose.

Sponges are also great tools because they can evenly distribute and blend the perfect amount of cream, liquid formulas and powder into skin without any lines. However, one common complaint that has been growing among sponge users is the price.

Enter Coloured Raine’s Flawless Perfecting Sponge. It will have the same capabilities and attributes of the best-seller makeup sponges currently on the market; just for one third of the price.

Coloured Raine’s sponge will retail for only $6! Plus, it promises to be super soft, latex free as well as cruelty free. So then, just wins all around the board. Get yours when it drops exclusively online at

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