Ask and Tell: Coach Leather Trench With Ruching Detail on Megan Thee Stallion!

Coach Leather Trench With Ruching Detail
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Coach Leather Trench With Ruching Detail


The Item: Hip hop artist and the leader of all hot girl summers, Megan Thee Stallion, in the beyond chic Coach Leather Trench With Ruching Detail! This highend coat was spotted on Megan as she attended a Coach Fall Winter 2020 fashion show.

You Asked: Thank you for showing a good mix of women on your page. Everybody always looks so good and classy. Which is why I’m shocked that you haven’t posted Megan at fashion week!! She looks good in her red coat! Do you guys not know which coat she is wearing yet or something?

Ask and Tell: Coach Leather Trench With Ruching Detail on Megan Thee Stallion


Coach Leather Trench With Ruching Detail


The Verdict: Hey there! Appreciate you so much for reaching out to us with your fashion inquiry! We absolutely adore Megan and her stylish fashions. However, we can only post so much. There is A LOT of great couture moments happening everyday so it is impossible to cover them all.

Nevertheless, we do have the intel on Megan’s luxe trench coat! As you may have already guessed; the coat she is wearing is by Coach. It is common courtesy to wear garb from brand of whose fashion you are attending. Megan kept to good fashion etiquette by doing so.



The coat if searching for it online is called the Leather Trench With Ruching Detail. It is made of 100% leather with a lining made of 100% polyester. Looking at the coat straight on you probably do not see why Coach says there’s ruching. That’s because it’s on the backside and helps to create a form fitting finish.

Moreover, the coat can be cinched in at the waist. Giving more shape to the wearer’s physique. Also, the trench’s hood can be detached; thus instantly changing up the look and vibe of this style. Either way, this coat looks fabulous!



Shall we talk price? Let’s!! We will have to file this look under the splurge category. Currently, this Coach trench is retailing for $1,900.

Hope that answered your fashion question! If you or a style obsessed gal pal has one they would like to ask give us a follow on Instagram, slide into our DMs and ask away.



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