Caution-Nail Salon Protection

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Caution-Nail Salon Protection2

One important area in fashion that can easily get overlooked is the nails. Beautiful nails can help any outfit look like a perfect ten. If you prefer to get your nails done professionally there are a few beauty risks you should keep in mind.

First, DO NOT LET ANY NAIL TECHICIAN CUT YOUR CUTICLES. Rather, politely ask for your cuticles to be pushed back. The cuticle protects the nail root and snipping away at them opens the seal of protection which can lead to infection and nail-plate damage or loss of the nail itself.

Caution-Nail Salon Protection

Lastly, do not let a nail technician razor off foot calluses. All of us want smooth, soft feet, but a razor is not the answer. Removing calluses can cause infections or blisters since they protect underlying living tissue. Instead make sure your feet are smoothed down with a foot file after a good soaking.

Caution-Nail Salon Protection3