Ask and Tell: Burberry Summer 2020 Spied on Michael B. Jordan!

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Burberry Summer 2020

The Item: A fire Burberry Summer 2020 menswear suit worn by actor and producer, Michael B. Jordan! Jordan was spotted in his designer attire while attending the Just Mercy screening in Los Angeles, California. The event was hosted by NBA legend, Kobe Bryant as well as host with the most, Terrance J. The much anticipated film screening took place at the Cinemark in Baldwin Hills. Actor Jamie was also in attendance.

Your Asked: My man is looking good! I have never seen this suit before on anyone. Is this a new designer? Or from a collection that is not out yet?

Ask and Tell: Burberry Summer 2020 Spied on Michael B. Jordan

The Verdict: Hey there Love! Thank you for reaching out to us via DM on Instagram… and we have to agree with you. Michael is looking GOOD! Nevertheless, to answer your question, no his look is not by an new designer. However, the reason why you most likely have not seen much of this mens style suit, is because it is from a 2020 Spring/ Summer collection.

Michael’s tan ensemble is from high end label, Burberry. However, that is not the only luxurious touch to Michael’s look. The actor’s celebrity stylist, Jason Rembert, finishes the stylish fit with shoes from Christian Louboutin as well as a timpiece by Piaget.

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