Beauty Trend: Nude Lips

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A hot sizzling trend of the season is a nude lip. You might feel that matching your lip color to your skin tone will look weird or boring. However, au contraire that is when the real magic and dramatics begin!

This classy look when done properly draws just as much attention as a bolder more boisterous shade would. Be very careful to make sure all dead skin as well as flakes have been removed prior to lip tint application. Failure to do so could result in the final result looking like your lips are bumpy and that is so not cute. This trend gives off a very natural and sophisticated vibe.

We are fans of MAC Cosmetics Pedro Lourenco Summer 2014 lipstick collection. We recommend the MAC Cosmetics Pedro Lourenco Summer 2014 Peach Beige lipstick to achieve a nude lip. Happy shopping!


Beauty Notes: This is kind off topic, but not really! HA! Here are a few more shades from the MAC Cosmetics Pedro Lourenco Summer 2014 collection that we thought were simply stunning.


Shade: ROXO


Shade: RUBY