Beauty Quickie: DIY Glitter Nails

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Want add to add a little spice to your nail’s love life? Bored with solid color nail polishes? It is always nice to change things up a bit and this season it is easier than ever! Get the full details by checking out today’s Beauty Quickie: DIY Glitter Nails!

Beauty Quickie: DIY Glitter Nails

So let’s say that you have a few nail polish tints in your possession that you do actually really love to wear. C’mon you bought them so they must be fabulous right? Nail trends for this season include metallics and everything that glitters. Therefore, to whip your nail arsenal into shape all you need to do is add a little bling bling! How can this be accomplished?

All you need is your current nail polish and loose shimmery mineral powder. Patrica Yankee, who is a professional nail genius who hails from NYC uses this technique all the time on her high profile clientele. Nevertheless, she recommends mixing just a small amount of glittery powder into your ordinary polish to create your own custom DIY glitter nails shades.

This type of nail freedom can not simply be bought. Furthermore, now you can design and mix together as many combinations as you can think of and imagine. There are TONS of shimmery loose mineral powders on the market that you can try out. Therefore, let loose and get really creative.

DIY Glitter Nails OR The Easy Way Out

If you don’t have the time on your hands to mix up your own creations or simply prefer to just buy one product we totally feel you. With that being said here are some of picks for great glitter nails by OPI, China Glaze and Zoya.

Beauty Quickie: DIY Glitter Nails2

OPI Champagne For Breakfast

Beauty Quickie: DIY Glitter Nails3

Sunrise Bedtime from OPI Breakfast At Tiffanys Collection

Beauty Quickie: DIY Glitter Nails4

China Glaze Holo At Ya Girl

Beauty Quickie: DIY Glitter Nails5

Zoya: Aurora, Payton, Finley and Blaze

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