Every Girl's Nightmare - How to Avoid Foundation Flashback

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They came, they saw, yet you were the one left horrified! In the world of makeup, flashback is VERY real and at times happens to the most unsuspecting victims. It’s time to end this photo nightmare once and for all dolls! Today, we are going to teach you exactly how to avoid foundation flashback in all of your photos.

Every Girl’s Nightmare – How to Avoid Foundation Flashback

Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, foundation flashback is no longer just an issue plaguing only rich and famous celebrities. Most likely, you have seen this very unfortunate beauty blunder on a red carpet or two. The starlet in person looks absolutely breath-taking and then the cameras flash! All of sudden, the resulting photographs are casting a spotlight dead center on concealer or foundation that looks lighter than all other areas of the face.

That ladies and gentlemen in a nutshell is what we call foundation flashback. If you’re still not quite sure, please take a brief moment to review the evidence at the outset of this article as well as right below this sentence.

Got it? Well, then you are probably like well 1966 that kicks rocks so how do we avoid foundation flashback? Very simple. It all starts with a product’s formula.

Say what? Yes! Most of the issues surrounding foundation flashback have absolutely nothing to do with how a wearer applies their makeup. A lot of the fault and blame is found right in the ingredients. Therefore, what ingredients or kinds of products should be avoided?

Glad that you asked. First and foremost, try to avoid foundation that contains SPF. Now if you do not plan to take pictures during your outing than by all means use this type of foundation. However, if pics are in fact on the menu it is best that you abstain from this particular type of makeup.

Nevertheless, if you have a SPF foundation that makes you look like Naomi Campbell, Bey or RiRi and you can’t leave home without it on, we glad to tell you that there is a work around. You will need to set your foundation… correctly. In this case, you will want to utilize a setting powder that has color in it. Such a toned powder will help act like shield against flashback.

How to Avoid Foundation Flashback – Run, Don’t Walk!

Besides SPF there are few other things you want to be on the lookout for in your products. For instance, if you see Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide you may want to be a little wary. Especially, if they are active ingredients. Meaning that they are in high concentrations within the product formula. The bigger the amount the higher the risk.

What about mineral makeup? Many beauty experts argue back and forth about this. Some say its bad, others herald that you can work with it. Nevertheless, it should be noted that mineral makeup usually contains Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. Remember, we discussed these two guys earlier? So then, when it comes to mineral makeup caution should be used.

While for some mineral makeup may not cause a flashback, they do run into the problem of tons of illumination. This is because once any flash contacts the makeup it can make skin look super shiny. To combat this issue you will need to blot skin often in order to reduce shine. Moreover, to be absolutely sure your mineral makeup will not be problematic it is best to run a test; but, more on that in a moment.

Lastly, you will want to give a side eye to HD foundations. Especially, when these babies are 100% Silica. Seriously, run don’t walk away! HDs such as this are the pits and if you use more than a very fine, light amount they are guaranteed to show up! So if you plan to use a heavy hand with HD foundation just say no in the name of all things picture taking.

Avoid Foundation Flashback – The Test

As a wise person once said, “Testing a product is a learning process.” So then, if you never do a test you will not really know how a product will perform. The quickest and easiest way to test for flashback is to take a picture with the camera’s flash on. Your smartphone’s camera will do just fine.

Simply apply your makeup like you normally would and then snap a flash photo. Carefully study the results. Does any part of your face have that “ghostly,” dusty white powder effect going on? If not, then you are good to go! However, if you look like a distant cousin of Casper then you have learned the deadly truth about your foundation and need to avoid using it when its time to slay while saying cheese.

Want a little more help in this makeup matter? Here is a nifty video that will help you learn how to set your foundation in order to avoid foundation flashback. This video demonstrates how to use the “baking” technique. Not quite sure what baking is? No worries this tutorial will explain that too, enjoy!

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