Arm Exercise Tips For Women

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Most women believe that using a weighted or resistance based training method will get them big and bulky arms that look like a man. However, arm exercises that use a weight or resistance method get the best results.  As a matter of fact, these type of exercises help you burn fat faster – resulting in you getting toned arms faster.

Another tip – make sure that every arm exercise follows a tempo. Following a tempo based workout puts resistance on your muscles for various periods of time. This type of workout challenges your muscles for a longer period of time – or a shorter period of time. The difference in the workout changes up your workout routine so that neither you or your muscles get bored from the workout.

Change up the reps of each arm exercise you do. So, you can either lower the reps of an exercise or increase the reps of an exercise – either option will help you see results faster. If you lower the reps of an exercise – try using a heavier weight to challenge your muscles strength.

If you want to go for a higher rep option of an arm exercise – then choose a lighter weight and build the endurance in your muscles. This type of change in your workout will again keep your muscles guessing and you excited to workout.

Now it is time to put those tips to use.  Check out the video:  Toned Arms in 5 minutes – Black Girl Slim