Are Orange Lips Still Trendy for Fall/Winter 2014?

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are orange lips still trendy for fall 2014

If you basically bought stock in orange tone lip color starting back in spring you may wonder if you can still get some mileage out of such a bold tint now that the seasons have changed yet again. Flowing from spring into summer makeup is always a cinch, but knowing which trends will translate into autumn and winter can get a little tricky. We always preach that if you love it, you should wear it regardless of trends because makeup should fun and beaming with personality. Nevertheless, here is the skinny on the orange lip shade tip.

Are orange lips still trendy for fall/winter 2014? Yes, orange lips are still all the rage which is nice when makeup colors tend to go darker as winter approaches. The orange look that is full of autumn flavor is more matte than the glossier versions that were big beauty business earlier in the year. Zac Posen’s models during New York Fashion Week wore a gorgeous matte shade by MAC called Dangerous. So then, the verdict is in, orange lips are still “In.”

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