Amber Rose Confirms Ethnicity and Slays Longer Hair

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Amber Rose Confirms Ethnicity and Slays Longer Hair

From the moment she came out onto the Entertainment scene we have loved Amber Rose. Her fearless style, attitude and iconic hair just slays our life. Who else can rock a bald cut like her? Yet, one thing people have debated over and over again is Amber’s heritage. Well, Rose set the record straight and gave us a look at her new glamorous hairdo! Read on because Amber Rose confirms ethnicity and rocks longer hair!

Amber Rose Confirms Ethnicity

Amber Rose Confirms Ethnicity and Slays Longer Hair2

We’ve always seen a gorgeous mixed race girl before our eyes. Body always on point and makeup looks from the cosmetic gods. Yet, for some fans knowing her exact ethnicity was of concern.

A quick google search and you can see just how popular the subject truly is among Muva’s tribe. Heated back and forths with some claiming Rose wasn’t even black. If you or your friends ever wondered about Rose’s genetics here it is straight from her mouth. She stated via Instagram,

“I’m Black/Portugeuse/ Irish and Italian. So now y’all can stop arguing in my f***in comments about it.”

We could of sworn she had already said this years ago. Nevertheless, Amber Rose confirms ethnicity for her fans and other inquiring minds even though she didn’t have to at all. That’s a real G who keeps it ninety-nine plus one.

That Hair Though

Amber Rose Confirms Ethnicity and Slays Longer Hair3

Amber… Girl you better work! Rose changed things up again and we love the new hairdo. She added length to her famous blonde locks and fashioned them into a chic vintage style.

Just weeks ago Amber stunned with a longer haircut. As much as we love Rose bald we do enjoy seeing her switch it up every now and then. Her hair was sculpted by the fab Tony Medina and her makeup was beat by Priscilla Ono.

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