645AR Sum Bout U Featuring FKA Twigs-Honey This Hair and Makeup!

645AR Sum Bout U Featuring FKA Twigs
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645AR Sum Bout U Featuring FKA Twigs


It’s here, it’s raw and the LOOKS cannot be ignored. 645AR Sum Bout U Featuring FKA Twigs is a power trip for the eyes. The styling on it is sick as it features BOLD hair color as well as cuttingly sharp graphic eyeliner. Cat-eye now seems like child’s play staring at these creations.

645AR Sum Bout U Featuring FKA Twigs-Honey This Hair and Makeup

Daniel Sallstorm who did the makeup for the Sum Bout U music video utilized a flurry of beauty trends as well as hot vintage inspiration to take FKA Twigs face to new heights. Here’s just a quickie review of all this video’s makeup drip:


645AR Sum Bout U Featuring FKA Twigs


Marlene Dietrich any? Back in the Golden Age of Hollywood eyebrows were plucked into oblivion. Actresses rail thin brows made a brief resurgence in the 90s; yet continue to fascinate and find their way back into the spotlight.

Sallstorm’s version looks just as great and spider-y as times past. PLUS… he keeps the vibes going with dark lipliner. We are sure this would meet the great Kate Moss’ approval.




It’s like the fire is burning within her. For this next look, Daniel gives matchy-matchy makeup a go; and it’s an out of the park HIT. Strong red eyeliner meets boisterous red lips. A sexy combination that just seems to melt the screen.




Daniel Sallstorm called this next look the “Bubblegum Princess.” We agree. Perfect use of pink, cut creases and another huge makeup trend of the year: dyed eyebrows. Here FKA Twigs’ brows go so platinum they almost disappear from her face altogether. What technique!

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