What Comes First- Mascara or Eyeliner?

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What Comes First- Mascara or Eyeliner

Beauty Quickie: Let’s pour one out and have a moment of silence for all the beauty habits that we left behind in 2015. Makeup is fun to play with but in order to look as fabulous as a celebrity or an insta-famous chick there is sort of an order of operations to get the best look possible. With this in mind we received a question towards the end of last year that begged insight as to whether what should come first when creating a beauty look, mascara or eyeliner?

To make a long answer really short, mascara should always be applied last. The reasoning behind this according to MUAs is that it is much easier to apply eyeliner when lashes are bare. When eyelashes are still nude the lash line is more visible which in turn helps to achieve a more precise eyeliner design. Moreover, once your eyeliner is beat then you can gauge how much mascara is needed (if any) to complete your look.

What Comes First- Mascara or Eyeliner2

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