Wet N' Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer -Till Prime Dew Us Part!

Wet N' Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer
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Wet N' Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer


Dry skin can affect how your makeup look turns out. In a nutshell, it is like having a cracked foundation in a house. Everything can come crumbling down and become a complete disaster. Therefore, spare yourself the makeup drama! Reinvigorate your skin AND give it the flawless finish it needs to be the perfect base and foundation for your makeup; with Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer!

With this primer you can gain many benefits for your skin and makeup application. For instance, it will:

  • Smooth
  • Hydrate
  • Prep
  • Add Luminous Glow



PLUS, it is a photo focus makeup product. Meaning it has been tested and can handle various light conditions with and without flash. A real win in this IG, photo sharing conscious world. Now, you can have ease of mind and not worry about your skin having that dreaded “ghostly cast” skin look in your photos.

Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer -Till Prime Dew Us Part

So how does this product work and perform for your skin. Well, we went to the source to find out! Regarding their primer, Wet N’ Wild reveals,

“Winter has arrived and we know that means dull, dry skin. Not to worry, our lightweight, pearl pigment Dewy Primer is here to save the day. Till Prime Dew Us Part!

Want your makeup to last all day? Try our Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer. [This is] the essential step to prep the skin for makeup. Our lightweight Dewy Primer is [formulated] with Vitamin E and hydrates and blurs imperfections for a flawless makeup application.



A fresh face starts with photo prepping primer. Infused with Vitamin E, this lightweight formula helps smooth your skin for an even makeup application. The primer is infused with pearl pigments to add dimension for that glow from within look.”

Ready to add Wet N’ Wild’s dewy face primer to your makeup bags? You can and you will LOVE the price! You want spend 30, 20, or heck even 10 bucks to get this fabulous makeup product. Right now this Photo Focus primer is currently retailing for just $5.99 each. A real bargain and makeup steal for any beauty enthusiast. Happy shopping!



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