Trimming Permed Hair

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There are many things to keep in mind when your hair has been permed; such as only apply touch ups to new growth. Do not overlap the perm on to the already permed hair and keep heat to a minimum. On top of those things it’s important not to neglect regular trims.

In order to keep permed hair healthy, have your hair trimmed on a regular basis (whenever you have a perm applied).  Nevertheless, if your ends split, this split can travel along the hair shaft causing damage to the hair further up.  Therefore, don’t hang on to hair that has been damaged for the sake of its length.

If your hair has been damaged by a bad perm or general abuse, trim it back and let the healthy hair grow out to make up for it.  Keeping the damaged hair around can actually begin to damage the healthy hair. Perm or no perms don’t forget to get those trims ladies!