Treating Damaged Skin -How to REALLY Fix Skin Damage

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Treating damaged skin, is a year round issue; because it can occur under NUMEROUS circumstances. For instance, summertime is all about indulging in the great outdoors and that’s why it’s important to always keep your skin protected with a broad-spectrum SPF. Nevertheless, even then, it’s easy to fall short and come home with a newly formed sunburn.

A sunburn is direct DNA damage in the skin which presents itself in the form of: pain, redness; and inflammation that we see and feel. So how do you really treat the heart of a sunburn (damaged skin!) and not just it’s symptoms?

Dr. Moy, one of the world’s leading Dermatologists, Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation; and founder of DNA Renewal Skincare; has devoted over 25 years of clinical research and science into the study of skin cancer and how to prevent and treat it. So when it comes to a sunburn, we enlisted Dr. Moy to share the powerful efficacy of DNA Repair Enzymes. Plus, explain their role in repairing damaged DNA, both new and old.

However, is this needed among those with melanin skin? One word: YES! In 2010, a CDC study found that 13% of black women and 9% of black men reported getting at least one sunburn in a year.

While those numbers seem low, the fact is that darker skin tones were STILL experiencing sunburns and damage. Fast forwarding almost 10 years later and the number is only rising. Why?

The environment. Damage to our ozone among other things is causing harsher sun exposure. Therefore, it is important for everyone, regardless of skin tone; to take necessary precautions.

Treating Damaged Skin -How to REALLY Fix Skin Damage

So then, what’s the answer? How can one fix skin damage? Let’s let Dr. Moy answer that. He states,

“DNA repair enzymes such as photolyase and T4-endonuclease (made from algae, plankton, and mustard green plant) have been shown to be the best ingredients to repair a sunburn because they heal sun damage at a quicker rate and decrease the immunologic mediators that cause sunburn inflammation.” – Dr. Moy

Well, now that you know, you probably are in need of some new products for your skin. Scroll down to learn more about superior sunscreen and the ultimate sunburn relief mask to speed up recovery.

Restoring Mask $85
Infused with DNA repair enzymes and a cooling effect when first applied, this mask can be used on face and body immediately after a sunburn to help accelerate the healing process. The enzymes have a direct anti-inflammatory response by suppressing the immune factors that cause inflammation helping your skin feel tame and more comfortable post-sun. Vitamin C & E refreshes and restores skin.

Treating Damaged Skin

DNA Sheer Defense SPF 50+ $75
A Derm-approved dual-action SPF made with a UVA/UVB protecting formula and DNA repair enzymes to help protect skin from environmental factors while healing damaged skin simultaneously. DNA repair enzymes can even help repair skin damage that may have started many years ago in childhood and works to quickly repair any newly formed damage.

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