Too Faced Fruit Cocktail - The Ultimate Blush Duo for a Flirty Glow!

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Too Faced Fruit Cocktail

Too Faced Fruit Cocktail … if you don’t have it in your makeup arsenal it is time to mix it up! This beauty item will have your cheeks blushed to perfection. PLUS it comes with a fresh, fruity scent that can only be described as, DIVINE. Ready to learn more? Leggo!

Too Faced Fruit Cocktail – The Ultimate Blush Duo for a Flirty Glow

Too Faced Fruit Cocktail

So what’s the good word on this makeup must-have? Too Faced explains,

“This brand new brightening and luminescent blush duo; gives the most versatile flush and it smells uh-mazing! The silky formula is the perfect way to customize your flush from sweet and flirty to a sexy, sparkling glow.”

Brilliant. Fruit Cocktail palettes come in multiple shades. If you want a more powerful punch get the Plumagranate. If you want a lighter, subtle glow, go for Apricot in the Act.

Nevertheless, worried this product will not work on more “melanin rich” skin? No worries. YouTube sensation Aaliyah Jay is all over things. The gorgeous beauty influencer tried out the Too Faced Fruit Cocktail blush duo and looked tick tick BOMB! See the photo evidence below, along with what some TF fans have to say about this blush product.

Too Faced Fruit Cocktail

“Buying this!”

“Honey on this chocolate skin!”

“OMG how hot is this.”

“I received it early during the Tutti Frutti training and I thought it was going to be too dark; but it’s actually very pretty on my skin tone!”

“Yassss loving this color!”

“Oh no this is so pretty.”

“I’ve been wearing this every day!!!! My new fav.”

“I don’t wear make up that much anymore but I need this.”

“I really love deep cherry blushes.”

“Oh this blush is so cuuuute!”


“Gorgeous colors.”

“Soooo cute! I’m going to look like a Hawaii dream with this on.”

Ready to get your cocktail on? Get this awesome new product by Too Faced online at as well as the Ulta Beauty website. It retails for $30.

Too Faced Fruit Cocktail

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