The Best 11 Minute Home Workout - Exercise Routine

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If you don’t have time to hit the gym, but you know you need a serious workout for your gluts and core, then check out the video below.  This short program will get you in shape.

Training your core is the easiest way to get the flat stomach that, for many people, proves to be rather elusive. Training these key muscles does more than just look nice; it helps in several other areas, such as better posture. Most people think of crunches or sit-ups when they talk about abdominal exercises, but they just work a specific set of ab muscles-not all the ab muscles.

Weak glutes are also a result of poor core training, but they’re also a consequence of sitting too much. Those of us with sedentary jobs, where the chair becomes our best friend, can fall victim to this. Basically, the weakened glutes is a result of anterior pelvic tilt, causing you to walk around with your gut protruding out, making you look like you’re pregnant. Core training that includes glute exercises as well can improve the strength of your glute muscles, which helps to re-position your pelvis to a neutral position. This improves overall posture while improving the appearance of your midsection.

So, get to work!