Spotted: Rihanna at LAX Airport

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Spotted Rihanna at LAX Airport

Tis’ the season of travel and je-tsetter Rihanna is no different. The B*tch Better Have My Money starlet was seen walking through LAX airport in Los Angeles, California yesterday on June 14, 2o15. RiRi wore camouflage pants, graphic tee, an over-sized leather jacket as well as bag with a hat and shades. It is rumored that Rihanna was headed out of town after enjoying a dinner date with Karim Benzema.

Spotted Rihanna at LAX Airport3 Spotted Rihanna at LAX Airport4

Hair Notes: It looks like Rihanna is still enjoying being a redhead, a hair look that popped back up around Coachella. Nonetheless, if you are planning to travel quite a distance by plane a hat is an excellent accessory to help “tame the beast” so to speak. No matter how you sleep or rest your tired pretty little head you will not have to worry if your hair looks alright allowing you to travel with less stress.

Spotted Rihanna at LAX Airport2

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