Let the Mutiny Begin! Snapchat Update Changes "Stories"

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Snapchat Update

WARNING!!! If you see this post DO NOT perform the latest Snapchat Update! The popular social media platform just committed the biggest flub of 2018; and it is only February.

What’s going on? SC (Snapchat) decided to change up how their users utilize Stories. Instead of seeing your squad and everyone else on your list who happens to be showcasing their whereabouts and dinner plates; the new update gets selective. Only 10 of your friends Stories will show while being mixed in with the Discover Section; and nothing is in chronological order with stories and sent chats now being combined. Moreover, in some cases you will not see any Stories at all, just the Discover Page with celebrity driven features. Lame.

Snapchat Update

Now everyone using Snapchat knows at the end of the day it is a business that wants and has to make money. However, changing up the layout to a more confusing as well as invasive version is simply ludicrous.

Furthermore, what makes matters worst is now you have to be forced to see Stories of people you do not even follow as well as Discover features you could care less about. Snapchat’s update is a pure business move that does absolute NOTHING for its user fan base. Other than be an annoying prick and irritation.

Let the Mutiny Begin! Snapchat Update Changes “Stories”

Now while reading this you may be slightly wondering what’s with all the hoopla now. Some had already received this new update awhile back. However, now it is rolling out to the majority of SC participants. Thus, causing a wave of panic and cries for immediate help and assistance.

Snapchat Update

Many Snapchat fans are also saying that the update is too far and Instagram is looking like their main instead of the social side chick now. Which is another reason why we are very unsure why Snapchat would decide to mess with their most popular feature.


The race and battle of the social platforms is intense and a constant rollercoaster. SC’s major competitor, Instagram, had already tried to pull a VINE demolition on SC; by flat out stealing Stories. Adding it to not only Instagram but also the Facebook platform. The move backfired, but the message was clear. Instagram felt seriously threatened and wanted to take out SC like they did VINE.

VINE had been a social favorite due to being a video sharing platform instead of a photosharing one. Instagram devilishly added the video sharing feature to their platform and sweetened the deal by having a longer available recording time. Shots fired. The clip was then emptied into VINE leaving them cold, dead on the floor.

Snapchat Update – Dude… Like History Repeats Itself

This new update proves that Snapchat has literally become the modern day Coca Cola. Back in the 80’s the beverage brand felt the heavy pinch of the cola/soda wars. Pepsi was right on Coke’s heels and they felt its hot, steamy sugary breath. The solution?

Snapchat Update

Coca Cola decided to hit the market with NEW Coke! The problem is the change in soda taste proved to be horrendous. People mutinied, returned vats and machines of NEW Coke to the company and basically said “forget you.” As a result, Coca Cola had to act fast otherwise they knew they would lose their customers forever.

Coca Cola immediately changed their soda back to the original formula and recipe. This move actually not only improved sales causing a major spike upward; but they won the soda wars. Remaining dominate even now. The lesson of this moment in history? The users and consumers are always right and if you mess with them they will bankrupt you.

Snapchat Update

In the end, this newest Snapchat Update is purely a hot mess. It is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Really, who wants to sift through mountains of digital visuals just to get to their Friends Stories. No one has time for that and even if they did; they wouldn’t want to do it.

Plus, without Stories in its proper place Snapchat is nothing more than a glorified messaging app. What’s the point in that? Hello, we have text messaging and DMs! The thrill is gone.

Snapchat Update Changes “Stories”

Let’s face it, most of us are only still using SC for two reasons. Those darn creative filters and the fact they are the originators of Stories. However, now that SC for some reason is putting a noose around themselves and stepping close to the edge; they are leaving very little motivation for users to stay.

Years ago everyone fled FB  in search of a social “Newfoundland” that offered more privacy and less sales ads. Instagram and Snapchat filled this need. Moreover, Snapchat had a slight edge because initially they were not invasive when it came to their heavy brand saturated Discover section.

If you wanted to know what some brand was doing you could go to the Discover page  if YOU wanted to; no forcing. Little by little however SC kept forcing the Discover section down our throats in hopes that we would click on one. However, now everyone is choking and they just want relief. It is now a threatening situation and we the users. Yes, we the people who MADE Snapchat what it is are at the tipping point and we are not happy.

Snapchat Update

Snapchat Update Changes “Stories” (Cont.)

Therefore, just how upset are the masses right now? Here are some the things people are saying and also feeling about the Snapchat update:

“Same, I already use Instagram a lot more and I love it; but I might uninstall Snapchat since all I use are filters haha.”

“This will force me to go to IG. Hate to say it but I can’t be arsed trying to find who left snaps in that mess.”

“I hope you never receive the update haha. It’s making me want to not use it anymore. It’s really annoying as you can see discover and friend stories mix in a mess; and you have even stories from people you don’t follow.”

“Anyone else hate the new snapchat update???”

“The new Snapchat update gives me anxiety.”

“Let’s all just delete our snapchat apps till they fix it.”

“Snapchat update is only showing the stories of 10 people and the rest are ads. $%&# this.”

Snapchat Update

“You should change the stories back to the way they were; but if you keep the new boxes then put them in order of when they were posted. Not how you want them to be ordered.”

“I wanna know who from snapchat thought this update was a good idea?”

“You’re basically promoting all the famous people and popular snaps by putting them first. It’s not fair to everybody else, and I’m not the only person that thinks so.”

“Okay so how do I see people stories? All I can find is the people I’ve snapped last and if they have a story.”

“We want the old snap back!!! This new one is too cluttered and hard to navigate!!! Bring it back please!!!”

“Dear, Snapchat can you please make a new update that’s the old update! Sincerely, we all hate the new update!”

Snapchat Update – Can It Be Fixed?

As you can see, none of it is glowing remarks. So then, what is the solution to this madness? A few users have found a workaround, but it is not foolproof. Many are reporting that it only works on some phones and after a few days, things revert back to the new horrific version. However, if you would still like to give it a world here it is:

  1. Delete the app.
  2. Re-download the app.
  3. Hit “Forget Password” and change your password.
  4. Log back into the old Snapchat.

In conclusion, the new update is simply the pits. Most hate it and want to hit the easy button and return to the past. Will Snapchat listen to their users and be as wise as Coca Cola? Only time will tell. For now we are left with unwanted changes as we place our fingers on the trigger and ponder whether to press DELETE.

Snapchat Update

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