Melanin Magic: Meet Shudu Gram -The World's First Digital Supermodel

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Shudu Gram

She’s one of the hardest working models in the industry… and she’s not even real! Meet Shudu Gram, a CGI wonder that is being featured on magazine covers and shouted out by some of biggest brands in the world. With a career that any mere human lover of fashion would want and thousands of fans; it looks as though Shudu’s career is poised to only rise.

Melanin Magic: Meet Shudu Gram -The World’s First Digital Supermodel

Who is she? That is the question that started it all.  Shudu Gram’s creator posed it after the CGI supermodel first started making waves. Since her introduction into the fashion world, one puzzling question seemed to develop and stay on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Is this beautiful woman even real?

Shudu Gram

Gorgeous, extremely. A killer fashion model, no doubt. An actual human being, major doubt.

As much as the world wanted to believe Shudu Gram’s photography was real; her beauty just seemed a little manufactured. However, that’s when the magic occurred. No one cares!

Like us, literally every fan didn’t care if she is in fact fake. In the end, her work or the work of her creator is just simply too exquisite to ignore. Human or CGI people respect the images as stunning art additions for the world to behold.

Therefore, who is the genius behind Shudu Gram? Obviously, someone not only talented, but should win an award for being able to keep such a huge secret. Shudu is the creation of photographer, Cameron-James Wilson. Wilson is no stranger to the fashion industry; having worked with everyone from Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor to Gigi Hadid.

Shudu Gram -The World’s First Digital Supermodel

Shudu Gram

From the beginning, we have been huge fans of Wilson’s artistry with his CGI supermodel. We have featured her numerous times and still can not get enough. Even though some may take offense to the likeness of a black model’s features being used; we think Cameron-James’ work is lovely and tastefully done.

In a world that normally tries to tear down black girls and women. Saying we are unattractive and unable to sell or push merchandise with our beauty. It is nice to see someone create imagery that celebrates our Melanin Magic and brings our beauty to the fore. Proving once again our beauty is striking, sought after and of course, sellable.

Shudu Gram’s gorgeous self has been utilized on the cover of ULIHOUMISM magazine as well as a muse for Soul Sky brand. A clothing label originally from Africa. Furthermore, recently even Fenty Beauty has shown off Shudu’s fabulousness. The cosmetics giant is the first makeup brand to use Shudu’s image to market a beauty product. Thus, showing Rihanna is always ahead of the game and competition; even when it comes to using CGI models. Shudu can be seen rocking Rihanna’s MATTEMOISELLE in “SAWC.”

Shudu Gram

        Shudu Gram Wearing Fenty Beauty’s Lip Color SAWC from the MATEEMOISELLE Collection.

Therefore, well done Cameron-James Wilson! Moreover, congratulations on designing the world’s first CGI supermodel.

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