Nubian Stories Night Out -The Best Black Women Networking Event!

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Nubian Stories Night Out

Thinking about starting a new business? Striking it out on your own can be a bit intimidating. However, surrounding yourself with like-minded, driven as well as successful individuals; can make the road a lot smoother. Enter Nubian Stories Night Out -The Best Black Women Networking Event for boss ladies desiring to go next level!

Nubian Stories Night Out -The Best Black Women Networking Event

Nubian Stories Night Out

                    Nubian Stories Night Out Founder, Tiffany Dames

So then, you are probably wondering what exactly is Nubian Stories Night Out? In order to give you the full picture, we had the event’s founder, Tiffany Dames, lay it all out for us via Q&A.

1966 Magazine: Tiffany, we think what you are doing for black girls and women is nothing short of amazing! Please tell us what exactly is the purpose of Nubian Stories Night Out (NSNO)?

Tiffany Dames: NSNO curates events for young Black professionals; and advocates for Black Women through entrepreneurship, comradery, and artistry. The past several months, I’ve curated an array of events, including a Fitness Bootcamp, Pop Up Dinner, an all-Black Women Art Expo, and on April 8th I will be hosting a Golden Parachute Black Business Mixer. Each of my previous events has gradually grown, creating a following that I strive to continue to create enjoyable experiences for.

Nubian Stories Night Out – Why Get Involved ASAP!

Nubian Stories Night Out

1966 Magazine: Very nice! Why do feel that networking events are so important for black women entrepreneurs to be apart of regularly?

Tiffany Dames: According to Fortune Magazine, “The number of businesses owned by African American women grew 322% since 1997, making black females the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S.” — This shows that plenty of us know exactly what we’re doing. However, there are even more Black women who want to make that step into entrepreneurship but cannot overcome one obstacle. Fear.

The fear of uncertainty can be debilitating. So much so, it stops us from even trying. We plan our failure more than we plan our success. Nubian Shorties Night Out strives to ease that fear by curating these events allowing us to come together, to network and build upon community economics.  

Nubian Stories Night Out

1966 Magazine: Now that’s what we are talking about! So then, what’s next for NSNO?

Tiffany Dames: On April 8th our next event, entitled Nubian Shorties Night Out Presents…Golden Parachute Black Business Mixer. The goal is to create a space that gives Black entrepreneurs a chance to form an economic family, by building a set of connections to network and utilize for the promotion of their industry.

[Also] by continuing to curate events that promote and hire Black owned businesses, this offers assistance to budding entrepreneurs in building a successful brand and business. Essentially creating our own Golden Parachute to fall back on.

Nubian Stories Night Out

Nubian Stories Night Out – The Last Word

We love that Tiffany mentions the “golden parachute.” This term refers to the payment that high level executives receive upon termination. It ensures that they will be properly compensated regardless of what may happen or occur in the future.

Nubian Stories Night Out

Wouldn’t that be wonderful if that could be experienced in the black community as a whole? By networking and continuing to build together a safety net can begin to be formed.

Remember, you guys upward movement for one, is upward movement for us all. So be sure to support Tiffany’s upcoming event and check out the video below to get a taste of what you can experience by attending a NSNO event!

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Nubian Stories Night Out

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