Late Night Beauty Call: Erykah Badu

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Late Night Beauty Call Erykah Badu 3

Fashion designers and beauty enthusiasts concur that Erykah Badu is a bonafide icon.  From her sultry and anthem lyrical masterpieces to her striking natural beauty, Erykah is truly in a class all by herself.  Due to her uniqueness we couldn’t wait to make Miss Badu our beauty of the night.

As usual we had difficulties settling on one look so we chose to narrow it down to two. The first look is a classic red lip (major trend for this season).  Erykah just looks too cool for school and demontrates that when applied correctly a strong makeup look does not have to overpower your fashions. Badu’s accessories are already intensely bold yet her makeup simply complements her overall look without exerting dominance.

For the second favorite beauty look we just had to showcase Badu looking au natural. Bare face is the new glamour makeup look. Your beautiful just the way you are so take a page from Erykah’s book and flaunt it!

Our Beauty’s Instagram: @erykahbadu

We’ll be calling again tomorrow night, see more beauty inspiration on our Instagram: @official1966magazine


Late Night Beauty Call Erykah Badu

Late Night Beauty Call Erykah Badu 2