How to Transform Into a Queen

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How to Transform Into a Queen

If you were to take a poll you would find that most women are not born feeling naturally self confident and reassured of their greatness. This fact is not surprising when a serious examination of the times is taken into account. We live among a media storm of imagery and verbiage that mainly thrusts the external beauty of a woman into the forefront. Nevertheless, true confidence will only take shape if the inner person, who we are inwardly is beautiful. Confidence radiants from the inside out not vice versa.

The term “queen” seems to denote different things to different people when used to describe a woman’s demeanor. Most agree that it normally encompasses a woman that is emotionally strong, confident and oozes a certain power or Je ne sais quoi over all. She is not a push-over because she knows her worth and will not allow anyone to diminish it. If someone tries to pull some “bull” it is not tolerated and she will even speak her mind tactfully to show she does not care for the mistreatment. How can a woman transform into such a queen?

1. Let Go of the Past– This is probably one of the toughest things on this planet to do, but your mind and heart will surely thank you. Unlike in the movies there is no time machine, potion or personage that can change the past. What has happened has simply happened and we must be accepting of all former dealings. Focusing on such things as past mistakes or something not working out the way we wanted does not help to produce better vibes. In the film Baggage Claim Paula Patton’s character is told by a close friend, “Same actions, same outcomes…new actions, new outcomes.” Therefore, accept the past and learn from it so that you do things differently in the future for your betterment.

2. Tell Yourself Your Amazing– Shout it out ladies! Reciting a positive mantra daily or simply saying in your mind that you are wonderful can have a serious effect on your mindset. As the saying goes if you think it you can achieve it. If you WANT to feel great and WANT to have a better life it is possible to think yourself there.

3. Think Positively– Since we are on the subject of positive thinking you will be happy to know that psychologists even confirm that if a person thinks positively on anything it is more likely to end with a positive result. As crazy as it may seem, how we think is conducive to how things work out for us. If you have the right mindset your actions will suddenly work towards a favorable and positive outcome. So then, put the odds in your favor by remaining optimistic.

4. Speak Up– Never allow anyone to get away with saying or doing something that is wrong. However, this does not mean yelling, screaming or any sort of retaliation. Be mature about the situation and calmly say that you do not like what was said or done. Always be graceful and do not let anyone allow you to lose your cool because once you lose it that person then gains your power in the situation. They have won by getting you to act in a manner that goes against your true character. Some people live to see others upset and still others are sadly just not aware of all the problems they are causing. Nevertheless, the only way to get what you want and maintain happiness is to speak up. Speak up in all things whether its school, work, friends, family, relationships or social situations. Let yourself be heard because no great queen throughout history was ever silent.