How To Apply Nail Polish Correctly -Tips, Tricks Plus Video Tutorial!

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How To Apply Nail Polish

“Hmm… this nail design looked way different on Instagram. Why does it look like my fingers are bleeding? Well, at least my whole hand looks pretty and glittery.” If any of those have ever been your thoughts, we feel your nail pain and can honestly say that we have been there and done that. Unfortunately, some of us paint our nails like we are shuddering and shaking from the extreme cold. Therefore, let’s fix that forever as we share exactly How to Apply Nail Polish Correctly.

Why Should I Learn Proper Technique? Well, if you think of your nails as being fashion accessories, you will never look at them the same again. Nicely executed nail looks truly do wield serious star power in any head-to-toe ensemble. Your clothing is the lead, but nails our dears are the best supporting actor. If they shine, you sparkle.

Do I Need to Prep My Nails First? The verdict is… always! This means if you have old polish still sticking to your nails it needs to be removed first with nail polish remover. You want to also make sure that you nails are just clean period. Aim for them to be free of all dust, dirt and moisture. Before any paint application you will want your nails to be super clean. If they are not you run the risk of the new nail polish not adhering or sticking properly.

Seriously… Is Base Coat Really THAT Important? Do we need the sun and moon? So then, it is never a good idea to skip the step of applying a base coat. Base coat helps to prevent dreadful chipping and unsightly nail stains. Have you ever removed your nail polish and noticed that your natural nails now look yellowish or discolored? Most likely you skipped applying base cost. Therefore, after nails are clean, polish on a base coat and let it completely dry so that you can reap the benefits.

How To Apply Nail Polish Correctly

How To Apply Nail Polish

Most likely if you have navigated to this post there has been occasions that you have felt like a pre-school kid coloring while trying desperately to stay within the lines. Or perhaps when attempting to polish your nails the end result looks like a design of Edward Scissorhands or your baby brother took his revenge. Leave all of that in the past and take a few deep breaths, because with a little practice you can be polishing like a professional.

Getting salon and spa finish nails is not just a dream, anyone can learn. Ready? So then, let’s begin!

Check out this cheat sheet featuring a few Pro tips we picked from popular LA nail gurus:

  1. It’s a three stroke process, one stroke down the middle of the nail then one stroke of nail polish on both of the sides.
  2. Keep your strokes long.
  3. Don’t worry if you are unable to polish your entire nail (especially those pesky sides) because when you do your second coat you’ll be able to get the spots you missed.
  4. Always apply two coats of polish because that will help you not only get the true color you want, but the right consistency on all the nails.

How to Apply Nail Polish -HELP I MISSED UP!

How To Apply Nail Polish

No one is perfect, so you can’t always expect to get it right. So if you do experience a tiny beauty flub, don’t panic. There are ways to disguise and mask your nail polish fail so that no one will ever know.

  • In the Nick of Time– All of us enjoy checking to see if our nails are dry prematurely. We can’t explain this phenomenon; however, the resulting fingerprint is very real and most likely not apart of the intended design. If you find yourself in this predicament try using a free wet finger to smooth things out. Or apply another layer of top coat to regain the nice and sleek finish you desire.
  • Man in the Iron Mask– Take a lesson from this story and utilize a mask in order to hide a flaw. Use a glittery nail polish to disguise any imperfections. You’ll create a chic accent nail that will still look fabulous. Just be sure to the paint the same fingernail on the opposite hand with the glittery lacquer to keep things looking uniform.
  • Dip Baby Dip– Cotton candy, sweetie go let us see that Q-tip roll! If you have a little mishap you can always dip a sturdy Q-tip into nail polish remover and brush it along any mistakes. As you move along with this handy beauty tool will see any issues disappear like a magic eraser.

How to Apply Nail Polish Tutorial

Seeing is believing right? Of course, it is and for that reason we are including this nifty little video to help you along. Nail expert, Joi, quickly demonstrates how to apply nail polish correctly.

Remember nails are just another fab accessory to wield some style power into an outfit. A little practice goes a long way and can get you painting like a pro in no time. So have fun with it, be creative and relax there’s always remover.

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