Hello Kitty x Starface Hydro-Stars -The Cutest Skincare to Fix Pimples!

Hello Kitty x Starface
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Hello Kitty x Starface

There are some skincare releases you get excited for; and there’s others you run like mad to go cop! This ladies and gentlemen are one of those drops. The Hello Kitty x Starface collaboration is hands down one of the most adorable Beauty releases ever; which includes two new super cute items for purchase.


Hello Kitty x Starface

What’s up for grabs? Some awesome Hello Kitty aesthetic skincare face stickers that help zap away pimples in a flash. PLUS… an equally fabulous case to hold your Starface sticker goods in. Let the whole Beauty congregation say Amen.

Hello Kitty x Starface -The Cutest Skincare to Fix Pimples!


Hello Kitty x Starface


So what exactly can you expect from this skincare release? Also, how does Starface stickers work? To answer those we went straight to the Starface brand to get some Beauty Intel! In regards of the Hello Kitty collab, the skincare brand states,

“32 Hydro-Stars that are effectively the same as the original…but with an official Sanrio® twist 😉 Meet Big Hello Kitty: a very cute case that holds the first ever collaboration Hydro-Stars from me and my iconic friend, Hello Kitty®.



Hydro-Stars are hydrocolloid pimple-protectors: clinically proven to absorb fluid, shield spots from outside bacteria, and prevent skin picking.

Hydro-Stars are made with 1 ingredient only: Hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid is a substance borrowed from surgical dressing that’s clinically proven to help flatten pimples by absorbing bacteria and fluid.


Hydro-Stars don’t contain any active ingredients that are off-limits to pregnant and nursing individuals, or anything that could irritate skin. They’re vegan, hypoallergenic, gentle and safe for every skin type.”

How Much and Where You Can Get It? PLUS, THE ROUTINE


Hello Kitty x Starface

Never used Starface’s Hydro-Stars before? No problem, we got you! In just 5 easy steps you can be on your way to ridding your face of an unsightly pimple. Here’s what to do:

  • Find a Pimple 
  • Wash Your Face
  • Put a Star on It (the pimple)
  • Feel Cute
  • Take it Off 

Got it? It’s really just that simple. If you would love to get your hands on some Hello Kitty skincare you are not alone. This release is garnering some serious online attention and people are lining up to get this drop as soon as it hits the market.


This is not a release that you will want to sit on because this collaboration is in fact limited edition. So as long as supplies last basically. Therefore, act fast.

You can be sure to get yours by heading online to Starface.World the official website for Starface products. How much is the Hello Kitty merch going for? Currently, each Hello Kitty x Starface Hydra Stars are retailing for $14.99.


UPDATE: Well as predicted this drop went FAST. It’s completely sold out. HOWEVER, Starface just announced that it will be back! So get ready for the restock!

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