Healthy Hair Equals Healthy Diet

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We spend so much time buying products to put on our hair to make it look great on the outside. However, we can’t and shouldn’t neglect what’s going on on the inside. A good diet is key to possessing beautiful hair.

One of the major units of hair is protein. Moreover, a diet with a lot of protein in it gives real strength to your hair shaft and thus prevents possibilities like splitting or snapping and other possible damages. Good sources of protein are: fish, meat, milk, cheese, cereals etc.

To have healthy hair you must take in the right minerals. Oxygen supply to the hair is improved with iron in your food. If you’re not consuming enough iron in your food, that will prevent your hair from receiving enough oxygen resulting in the brittleness of the length of your hair above the root. Red meat and dark green vegetables are very good sources of iron. If you have iron deficiency you can take iron supplements.