Hair Brushing- The Right Technique For Natural Hair

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Hair Brushing- The Right Technique For Natural Hair

Hair brushing is a necessary element when it comes to getting your natural hair to look its best. Whether you are taming curls or slicking down baby hairs the right brush can help get you there. However, throughout time many hair experts have had plenty to say when it comes to hair brushing technique. Some have felt that brushing starting at the roots is fine because blood circulation increases to the scalp which in turn can result in healthier hair. Others have insisted that brushing is no different from combing and should begin at the ends. Therefore, what is is the right hair brushing technique for natural hair?

When brushing natural hair always remember that patience is a virtue. If you want to maintain length and volume all knots and kinks need to be removed carefully. Like combing it is best if strands are brushed and untangled starting at the ends. Once hair has been successfully untangled then you can proceed to brush hair from roots to tips. Thus enjoying the benefits of fully stimulating the scalp.

However, if you come across a very nasty knot do not keep brushing the area. Doing so could lead to snapping or ripping several strands. In this case you will want to use a wide-tooth comb to gently remove the knot. Once removed then you can continue with your hair brushing. So then what did we learn? It is important to:

  • Be patient.
  • Like with a comb, brush hair starting at the ends when detangling.
  • Once hair is untangled brush hair normally from roots to tips in order to increase blood circulation to the scalp.
  • If a knot is tough, use a comb to remove it.

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Hair Brushing- The Right Technique For Natural Hair2